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WC'98 and Symmetry !

Dear all,

It has come to our attention that there is a motif of interest to the
crystallographic community, concerning England's imminant inevitable
victory in the World Cup.

If one examines the winners over the last three decades:

1966	1970	1974	1978	1982	1986	1990	1994	1998	
Engl	Brasil	Germany	Argent.	Italy	Argent.	Germany	Brasil	????

one can see there is a startling symmetry element lying around 1982.
Given that symmetry is a fundamental reality in Nature, which is highly
by the xtallographic community, we offer you a unique opprtunity to
finance future
projects (ie vacation in the Caribbean ..) by placing a few 1:12 bets
with the appropriate (legal ?) professionals.
	Tasos & Jonathan

P.S. Is the symmetry element a 2-fold or rather a mirror plane ?
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