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RE: WC'98 and Symmetry !

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Obviously this is a case of pseudo-symmetry, since the
entry under "1998" should read "The Netherlands" !
Of course, at low resolution England (for large
values of England) equals The Netherlands (for
small values of The Netherlands), which makes
that the data merge essentially equally well
in line group p2 (or p-1).  However, at high
resolution it becomes clear that the two-fold
(or inversion centre) is only approximate, so
that the correct line group is p1.  I'm sorry
for the England fans (but think of the bright
side: three of the domains can be averaged.

For the skeptics: the fact that The Netherlands
will win the World Cup follows my careful analysis
of the text in the Int. Tables.  If arranged
properly, one can find hidden prophecies such
as "Holland Wins 1998" and "Bergkamp WC Hero".
(This method has been used previously to
"predict" historic events based on suitable
arrangement of the Torah.)

Thought we should get our facts straight here ;-)