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FWD: Refinement workshop in York in December 1998

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From: Keith Wilson <keith@yorvic.york.ac.uk>
Subject: Refinement workshop in York in December 1998

EC and CCP4 Workshop

Refinement of Macromolecular structures

We are organising a workshop from December 14 to 20th 1998 in York on
problems in refinement and validation of macromolecular  structure. The
workshop aims to provide a sound training in these techniques and is part
of our aim to promote good practice.

The travel, accomodation and course fees for European students  will be
paid by the EC contract CT 94-0690 (Development of  Advanced Methods:
Please note: This is a 1994 contract, only covering the following EU
states: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal,
Spain) and by CCP4 for those working in the UK.

The workshop will combine lectures and practicals. The course is aimed at
PhD students and post-docs new to crystallographic refinement.  Numbers are
limited to 20 students. Supervisors are asked to nominate one student per
laboratory. Amongst the topics to be considered will be

1 Principles of refinement
2 Parameterisation of the model
… When to use Rigid body
… Models generated using torsion angles
… Group temperature factors
… Anisotropic temperature factors
3 Residuals to minimise
… Maximum likelihood
… Least squares
… How to incorporate restraints or constraints
4 How to improve the model
5 Validation techniques and PDB submission

Speakers/tutors will include

Garib Murshudov	York	REFMAC, maximum likelihood
Isobel Uson	Göttingen	SHELX, least-squares
Paul Adams	Boston	CNS, torsion angle refinement
Anastasis Perrakis	Grenoble	Automated refinement
Eleanor Dodson	York	General topics
Randy Read	Cambridge	CNS, maximum likelihood

Details of the program will shortly appear on the WWW:
Send applications with short c.v. to Dr E.J.Dodson, University of York,
Heslington,York YO1 5DD,UK from whom further details may be obtained. (
Tel: 44 1904 432520, Email E.Dodson@yorvic.york.ac.uk).

Students should include a letter of support from their supervisor.

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