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I am trying my hand at Amore, but I am fumbling a lot as it is my first
time.  I am not sure how to interpret the output from some of the steps.
In my problem, there appears to be 2 molecules per asymmetric unit. 
When I perform the self rotation function, I am not sure what I am
supposed to do with the results.  Just to let you know, I was trained as
a small moelcule crystallographer, but I have been doing molecular
modeling for the last 15 years, so this is my first attempt at a protein
crystal structure solution.  Does anyone have a series of inputs and
outputs for two molecules per asymmetric unit with a final solution at
the end using Amore? I would like to at least follow the iterative steps
in fixing the first solution while searching for the second solution? 

Are there special values to use along with SELF rotation function?  I
don't get any peaks and the program terminates normally. If I go through
all the steps without using the self rotation function, I get solutions
that suggest that I might be close to a solution, but when I transform
the solutions, the molecules penetrate one another.  My solutions are
encouraging.  For example, one solution has a correlation coefficient of
41.3 and R factor of 45.1.  In fact there are two solutions with these
numbers, but I suspect they are symmetry equivalents.  The data are not
real great and the crystals diffract only to 3.0 A, but I will be at the
APS to try and get better data the rest of this week.  Any suggestions
on how to proceed would be appreciated?  

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