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Re: program unframe

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Patricia_A_Elkins@sbphrd.com wrote:
> Does anyone have a program to clip excess space around an
> image in an rgb file?  At another institution I used a program
> called unframe but am not able to locate the source code
> for it.

Milton Bradley's program XV will do this with
manual intervention:

Load the file (xv mypict.rgb)
use the mouse cursor to frame the desired area
right-mouse-click to get a menu on which click "CROP" then "SAVE"
select output format (RGB, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, others)

But beware if the the picture is too large to display 
on the screen-
xv will resample to display, and then save the resampled, 
lower-resolution image! If it touches screen edges before
cropping, hit the n key with the cursor over the picture
after cropping, to display full size. If now it doesn't touch 
the screen edges then you're ok, otherwise find another 

According to the manual, "autocrop" crops off any 
constant-colored border, so it may be possible to
automate this.

XV can be downloaded from:
If you use this profesionally be sure to send in
the $25. registration fee.