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Missing variable definition

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I have a question concerning the default.def file in CCP4.  I was
attempting to prepare the diffraction data (to 1.75A) from a rather large
unit cell for an AMORE run.  The SORTING program bombed telling me to
change the value of "SORTING_NR".  I spent many minutes trying to locate
this variable in any CCP4 file, with no success.  Finally, I just decided
to add the variable (specifying an elevated value) to the end of the
default.def file with all the other AMORE memory values.  This cured the
problem.  I guess my question is simply one of curiosity.  Is this
typically not a value that needs to be reset higher than the default?
Otherwise, why could I not find the variable in any CCP4 file when
searching?  Thanks.

Rick Walter
Procter & Gamble