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PDB transfer to Rutgers

 You may or may not know that the PDB is being transferred from Brookhaven
 to Rutgers. They have installed a new deposition procedure, and it would 
 be good if we could help test it. If you are about to deposit something
 could you look at this site, try the software, and report back? 
   Thanks very much Eleanor

The RCSB is pleased to announce the release of its validation server
(http://pdb.rutgers.edu/validate/) at the RCSB Web site. This validation server
can be used to check the format consistency of the coordinates and perform a
validation pre-check of the structural features and structure factors before the
structure is deposited and without the intervention of the database staff.
The validation server will accept coordinate and structure factor data and
produces a report of geometrical and experimental checks. The content and
presentation of the validation report is the same as the report produced during
the deposition process and can be used by the depositor prior to deposition or
at any time during a structure refinement.

Tutorials are available online.

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