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MAD as a special case of MIR with anomalous

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Hello All,
Does someone have a good answer for this question?
If I phase a 4-wavelength MAD dataset using MLPHARE 
as described in its documentation, using one wavelength 
as both "native" and "derivative" and using the other three 
as "derivatives", with anomalous signal for all derivatives,
am I justified in saying the structure was solved using 
the MAD method, or do I need to say it was solved 
"using MAD data treated as a special case of MIR 
with anomalous"?

Never mind the semantics, or differences in the 
refinement method. Once positions and real & anomalous 
occupancies are refined for each site, is there a 
significant difference in the way phases are calculated, 
between MLPHARE and some specialized MAD phasing program?

Does MLPHARE not use some information from the 
dataset that a MAD program would use?