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CCP4 3.5 - fix to SFTOOLS

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One of the new features of CCP4 is an increased use of F+ and F- columns
(in addition to the usual F and D) to hold anomalous data. To facilitate
manipulations of these columns, there are new MTZ column types: 
'G' for F+/-, 'L' for the associated sigma, 'K' for I+/-, and 'M' for the 
associated sigma. 

Due to a breakdown in communications, Bart Hazes was not informed
of this change, and the version of SFTOOLS distributed with 3.5
cannot handle these new column types. More specifically, SFTOOLS
will complain of "unknown column type" if these columns are read in.
A fixed version of sftools.f is now available on the DL ftp server:


More generally, problems with 3.5 will be advertised on the Problems Page:



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