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PDB Deposition Update (fwd)

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Subject: PDB Deposition Update

Dear Colleague,

As a result of the PDB's move from BNL to the RCSB, the procedures for
depositing structures to the PDB have changed.  

If you are depositing a new structure to the PDB, use ADIT

If you are in the process of a depositing a structure using BNL's AutoDep, you
may complete your deposition using AutoDep at the RCSB.  Depositions that are
in progress will be moved from BNL to RCSB on the morning of June 16 so that
depositors will be able to use AutoDep from the RCSB site to complete these
depositions (http://pdb.rutgers.edu/~adbnl/).

There will be a brief delay on the morning of June 16 while the BNL
deposition directories are "in transit" between BNL and RCSB.  We
would suggest not attempting to add to a partial BNL AutoDep
deposition at that time.  However, if you have some
special requirements in this regard, such as a pressing publication
deadline, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can ensure a
smooth transition for you.

The EBI AutoDep will continue to be available at http://www2.ebi.ac.uk/pdb/.

If you have any questions or concerns about this AutoDep transition,
please send e-mail to deposit@rcsb.rutgers.edu.

The BNL PDB site will be shutdown on June 30, 1999.