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EBI Structure Deposition Update - 15 June 1999

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Depositions to the PDB at the European Bioinformatics Institute

This message is to expand on the update message sent out today by RCSB and
on our announcement of 30 March 1999 

As mentioned in the RCSB message, you can continue to make new depositions
to the PDB at EBI with the AutoDep system at EBI

>From today (15 June 1999), follow-up to all submissions made at EBI with
AutoDep or the new EBI system will be performed by EBI staff.

All structures deposited at EBI will continue to receive PDB ID codes and
are integrated into the common PDB archive.

Support for AutoDep at EBI will not continue indefinitely as a new EBI
deposition system and tools will be phased in over the next six months. A
test version of the new system will be demonstrated on our booth at the
Glasgow IUCr conference.

For more information please see the EBI-MSD pages (http://msd.ebi.ac.uk).
If you need help while submitting a structure at EBI, please mail

Geoff Barton

EBI-Macromolecular Structure Database, EMBL-European Bioinformatics
Institute, Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambs CB10 1SD, U.K.
http://msd.ebi.ac.uk, mailto:msd@ebi.ac.uk