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Re: linux x progs

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>>>>> "Alun" == Alun Ashton <A.W.Ashton@dl.ac.uk> writes:

 Alun> keywords : Linux, ccp4 xwin programs (eg ipdisp), mosfilm

I'd be surprised if this is GNU/Linux-specific.  XFree86 perhaps,
i.e. probably also for *BSD & al.

 Alun> Recent reports of people setting up their linux machines and
 Alun> then having some strange problems in running both ccp4 xwindows
 Alun> programs and mosfilm.  The symptoms of the problem are that the
 Alun> xprograms will not work on the local machine but will run if
 Alun> accessed remoteley - strange.

xdl_view maintenance has probably defaulted to me (oh joy).  [For
those who don't know: John Campbell is retiring through ill health,
doubtless with good wishes from all and sundry.]

Can someone who understands it please pass on details of this problem
to me for background (even if it isn't specific to xdl_view),
including the value of `will not work' and how this is identified as a
bug in X as opposed to the client code?  Thanks.

XFree86 3.3.4 is imminent, and presumably will fix a reported bug, but
the bug list isn't publicly-accessible to check.

[Byt the way, my medium term response to xdl_view maintenance is
likely to be to provide GTK+ <URL:http://www.gtk.org/> support

 Alun> You will need to change the Depth line down to 16 - you may
 Alun> want to keep a copy of the origional file! 

[Such system config files are usefully put under revision control: `ci
-l XF86config'.]  The less-confident might consider using the setup
tool your distribution provides to edit the X config.  Note also that
the server has an option `-bpp'.

 Alun> Also if eg mosfilm appears REALLY BIG and goes over one desktop
 Alun> you will haveto fiddle with desktop settings or the Modes and
 Alun> Virtual lines.

Given enough video memory and a decent monitor, I'd normally define a
1280x1024 real and virtual display.

:X: /X/ n. [...]  2. [after the name of an earlier window system
   called `W'] An over-sized, over-featured, over-engineered and
   incredibly over-complicated window system developed at MIT and
   widely used on UNIX systems.     -- Jargon File