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linux x progs

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Date: 25 June 1999

keywords : Linux, ccp4 xwin programs (eg ipdisp), mosfilm

Recent reports of people setting up their linux machines and then having
some strange problems in running both ccp4 xwindows programs and mosfilm.
The symptoms of the problem are that the xprograms will not work on the
local machine but will run if accessed remoteley - strange.

Anyhow after giving it a go on my own machine - it worked - and comparing
it to another machine that failed harry and myself (and tested by some
helpful users) think the problem is down to the old colour Depth problem.

so (at least for RedHat) look in the file /etc/X11/XF86Config

if right at the bottom (hasto be the last setting) you have something like


# The accelerated servers (S3, Mach32, Mach8, 8514, P9000, AGX, W32, Mach64
# I128, and S3V)
Section "Screen"
    Driver      "accel"
    Device      "ViRGE/VX"
    Monitor     "IIYAMA MF-8617E"
    Subsection "Display"
        Depth       32
        Modes       "1024x768"
        ViewPort    0 0
        Virtual     1024 768

<eof snip>

You will need to change the Depth line down to 16 - you may want to keep a
copy of the origional file! Also if eg mosfilm appears REALLY BIG and goes
over one desktop you will haveto fiddle with desktop settings or the Modes
and Virtual lines.

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