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Re: Solvent corrections a bit more history

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> From ccp4bb-owner@dl.ac.uk  Thu Jul  8 03:33:10 1999

Prof. Simon EV Phillips wrote:

> As a contribution to the recent discussions on solvent correction, 
> these arguments are anything but new. 

I don't think I left anyone with the impression that I was bringing
new insight into solvent correction. I was merely responding to 
contributions where I felt clarification was neccesarry. A statement like
the one above could be used for a lot of discussions on the CCP4BB.

I too would wellcome a historical review on solvent correction. Until then
Dirk Kostrewas paper in the CCP4 NEWSLETTER is a good reference in particular
with respect to the practical application of solvent correction in current
program packages. This was also what the discussion was about.

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