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RE: Solvent corrections - a bit more history

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Simon Phillips wrote:
	 Dirk Kostrewa's article in the CCP4 newsletter unfortunately fails
	refer to any of this previous work, which is correctly referenced in

	some, but not all, of the various refinement programs documentation.

Yes, that's true. Of course, I know Simon Phillips contribution to bulk
solvent correction and probably most of the other contributions back to
Bragg & Perutz 1952 Acta Cryst. paper and even further back to Dorothy
Wrinch's 1950 Acta Cryst. paper. My little Newsletter contribution intended
to give some practical hints about bulk solvent correction and not to cover
the history. But I agree, one could write a nice review paper about the
different ways of bulk solvent correction from past to now (maybe, Simon
Phillips does it?).

Best regards,
Dirk Kostrewa.

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