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HL coefficients from DM

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Does anyone ever use the HL coefficients from DM? If so, do they look

The story behind the question:

I have a very nice set of MAD phases, which I decided to use in the
structure refinement. I used refmac with the phase and figure of merit
after solvent flattening and it worked fairly well. Then I felt curious
(yes, I know what they say about curiosity) about whether using the HL
coefficients would give even better results.
Unfortunately refmac did not like the  HLDMs that DM generated. Looking at
the mtz file I get this:

Min      Max    Mean   Abs Mean 
-2056.0  1825.0  94.20  53.45  HADM
-1572.7  1491.2  94.90  53.45  HBDM
-2146.6  2705.8  80.42  53.45  HCDM
-2424.1  3345.0  80.99  53.45  HDDM

I found this surprising, since I would expect the HLs to be quite small -
in fact, the ones generated by the phasing program look like this (same
columns as above):

-57.0    30.9  0.00  0.46  HA
-45.2    44.2  0.00  0.46  HB
-14.4    9.1   0.00  0.04  HC
-8.8     7.5   0.00  0.04  HD

Could this be a bug on DM? (I have also seen this dor another case, SIRAS
phases, so it does not look like it is a pathology associated to my data)