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Re: twinning

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>  It may be useful to look at the $CHTML/ pages on twinning.
>  We spent quite a long time on these, and they list all common twinning
> matrices
> And Andrew Leslies detwin program has been extended to do many more
> tests of twinning. The correlation coefficient can be distorted when
> there is NCS aligned with a possible twinning axis.
>   Eleanor Dodson

Just to clarify ... the new pages on twinning and the new version
of the detwin program will be in CCP4 version 4.0, due to be released
any day now.

DETWIN now prints twinning tests for a range of twinning fractions.
A specific twinning fraction only needs to be given if you want
to write detwinned data to HKLOUT.



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