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[ccp4bb]: Compiling problems of CCP4 4.0 by gcc 2.95.2

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I just installed gcc 2.95.2 on our PII 450 with Linux 6.0 and
trying to compile CCP4 4.0. I met some problems, some can be
solved, some cannot, and some I feel need not care.

1. By following the instructions, the make.log file showed that
there are 17 files ignored. 13 of them are because of that there
is no 'egcs'. By changing
CC=egcs to CC=gcc
in the Makefile in the directory x-windows/XCCPJIFFY, the number
of ignored files redueced to 4.

2. For the remaining 4 files, include hklview, ipdisp.exe, xdlmapman,
 and xdldataman, the output error message like this:

/usr/UTILITY/CCP4-4.0/lib/libxdl_view.so: undefined reference to 

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: [hklview] Error 1 (ignored)

(I've deleted the repeated words.) I feel that there are some thing

3. Some warning mesage also appeared in the make.log:

   a. warning:
      phi(3) = atand(rot(2,1)/rot(1,1))
      Reference to unimplemented intrinsic `ATAND' at (^) (assumed EXTERNAL)
   b. warning:
      call pack_wordimage_f(data, x, y, filnarray)
      call pack_wordimage_f(data, x, y, filnarray)
      Argument #1 of `pack_wordimage_f' is one precision at (2)
      but is some other precision at (1) [info -f g77 M GLOBALS]
   c. warning:
      call refft(mt,nra,neqP,nt,ii(1+nra),cc(ic3))
      subroutine refft(mt,nra,meq,nt,hkls,hklt)
      Argument #6 (named `hklt') of `refft' is one type at (2)
      but is some other type at (1) [info -f g77 M GLOBALS]
   d. warning:
      if ( icmnd .lt. cmndcnt ) goto 7000
      7000     continue
      Reference to label at (1) is outside block containing definition at (2)
   e. warning:
      Array element value at (^) out of defined range

Lots of these kinds of warnings, I'm not sure whether it is safe to
ignore all of them. 

Any help is appreciated.