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Re: [ccp4bb]: PC graphics card for O

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    I have a PentiumIII500MHz, 128Mb RAM, Viper V770ultra (32Mb).
    It's possible to work with O without problems but if you want to display
a big portion of your map, e. g., it runs slowly.
    I think there are better options available. Sometime ago in this list
(03/09/00), there was a big discussion about PCs and MacOSX. Try the ccp4bb


Dr Dimitri Y Chirgadze wrote:

> Dear All,
> This matter was probably discussed earlier. However, I am in need of
> some fresh opinion...
> What is the best PC graphics card on which O on Linux RedHat runs well?
> So that I can do
> (without any headache) a major rebuilding on an average size protein.
> Any opinion would be gladly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Dimitri
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