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[ccp4bb]: Cys modification

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Hi all,

Having recently seen the subject of Cys modification pass thru this
group, I thought I might throw out another question regarding possible
thio modifications to Cys.  I have been inspecting 1.6 Ang. electron
density maps and  have found  supplementary electron density on the end
of a cysteine in a protein structure.  This structure is virtually
complete, r=16 and r-free of 19. The electron density is continuous from
the sulfur and forms a planar, triangular structure that could
accomodate 2 to 3 more atoms. The density is apparent in both the 2fofc
and fofc maps. Has anyone out there ever encountered anything like this
before?  What is even more bizarre is that this density is apparent from
data collected at room temp., whereas data collected cryogenically does
not contain this modification. Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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