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[ccp4bb]: The CCP4 3D Viewer Initiative.

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              The CCP4 3D Viewer Initiative.


The aim of the CCP4 3D viewer initiative is to produce a multi-functional
tool to assist macromolecular crystallographers in the process of
building, fitting and displaying 3D structures and electron density maps.

It has long been recognised that a major missing feature in the CCP4
package is a 3D viewer, that is programs capable of not only assisting in
the process of model building and electron density fitting but also
producing publication quality figures of both structures and density maps. 

The first stage in rectifying this is to consult you our users and
developers and assessing what is currently available. To do this it would
be greatly appreciated if you could fill in the form on the web
http://www.dl.ac.uk/CCP/CCP4/3dquest.html or fill in the below questions
and return them to me at a.w.ashton@ccp4.ac.uk

Thank you for your help,
Alun Ashton.


Personal Details (optional).


Approximately how many years/experience in crystallography? 


Q1) What package do you use for structure viewing?

Q2) What package do you use for structure and map viewing?

Q3) What package to you use for structure building / map fitting?

Q4) What package do you use to produce publication quality figures?

Q5) What do you like about the above packages? Please give details.

Q6) What don't you like about the packages or what functionality do you
think is missing from them?

Q7) What operating systems do you use these packages under? 
Please comment on any operating systems you would like to use.
Do use:
Like to use:

Q8) Any other comments?

Would you be interested in contributing to this project and in which way
do you think you could do so?