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[ccp4bb]: Call for "Real-time" Proposals for MAD & SIRAS Experiments

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Dear All, 

A call for "real-time" proposals for MAD & SIRAS experiments is open now
for a test period of one month on the station DW21b at LURE (Orsay,
France). MAD beamtime is available until the 2 June (enough for 4-6 MAD
experiments) and submissions will be accepted until then. This is a
pilot operation to test the possiblity of eliminating the deadline for
the submission of proposals, so that users can simply submit proposals
when they have crystals ready. Each proposal will be reviewed by 1-2
referee(s), and the user will be notified if their proposal has been
accepted within a couple of days. Submissions will only be acceptable
through electronic mail. LURE will reimbourse the travel and
accomodation expenses for two people to come to LURE and conduct

For those who are interested, please send in a proposal by email to me
(shepard@lure.u-psud.fr) with the following:

1) an abstract describing the project (maximum 10 lines) 
   - a very brief introduction & objectives
   - a statement explaining the biological interest
2) an outline of the experiments proposed to be done 
   - MAD, SIRAS, MIR, native or tests 
     (MAD experiemnts will be given priority)
   - which wavelengths (if MAD or SIRAS)
   - typical exposure time on a rotating anode source
   - number of runs requested (2-4 days for MAD experiments)
   - preferred date(s) for runs
   - Specify any risks (No risk, toxic, pathogen, cryogenic, etc...)
3) the availability, quality and  characteristics of the crystals 
   - availability of the crystals 
     (either immediate or if "not yet", specify when)
   - size of crystals (minimum 0.1mm*0.1mm*0.1mm)
   - unit cell & space group
   - diffraction limit
   - number of molecules in the asymmetric unit
   - number of anomalous atoms per asymmetric unit 
     (please verify SeMet using mass spectroscopy)
   - molecular weight of the macromolecule
   - temperature (cryo? ambient?) 
Although MAD & SIRAS experiments will be given priority, MIR, native and
test experiments will also be considered. Proposals will only be
accepted if diffracting crystals are available and ready for data

If you have any questions please contact me directly or refer to the web
site below (schedule, beamline description, etc...):


Best Wishes, 



Dr William SHEPARD

Bat. 209d
B.P. 34
Centre Universitaire Paris-Sud
91898 Orsay cedex

telephone: +33-(0)1 64 46 80 27 office
telephone: +33-(0)1 64 46 80 63 beamline
facsimile: +33-(0)1 64 46 41 48

email: shepard@lure.u-psud.fr