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[ccp4bb]: scale failure

Dear all,
     I got hexagonal crystals of a protein. My previous data show the space
is P6122. Recenly I put one of my best crystals for data collection. The
frame looks good (I have attached it). And I use DENZO program to index the
data. All previous step go on smoothly, until I scale the data. The scale
result is very bad ( Part is attached). The linear R factor is about 0.516
and square R factor is 0.922 and the chi**2 is obviously wrong. But I
notice that the chi**2 of each frame during process is near 1 which is OK.
Could anyone help me to figure out the possible cause? 
Thanks a lot!



Ms yuan Ping

Macromolecular x-ray Crystallography Group
Institute of Molecular Agrobiology
1 Research Link
National University of Singapore
Singapore   117604
Tel: 8727407(lab)
Fax: 8727007