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[ccp4bb]: Black mosflm window

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Dear all,

I get a blackwindow when I try to run mosflm on a SGI host via ReflectionX
on my NT-machine. (ReflectionX is an X server for NT-boxes)
The diffraction image comes up nicely the menus are all black. If I move
the mouse over the blackwindow i can only see the 'clickable' text all
other text is black on black. 
The same problem holds true for xdlmapman and xdldataman, so I guess there
is an xdl-problem.
I have no problem running other graphical application like xloggraph or

Does anyone have a solution or at least some comments? Do I have to skip
my plan to buy a good NT-machine for O and for crystallographic work via
an X-server and instead go for an SGI? 
I rather invest the mony saved on additional CPUs for running batch jobs.

Thanks in advance!

--Björn Kauppi

Structural Biology, Karo Bio AB, Novum
SE-141 57 Huddinge
Phone: +46 8 6086083; Fax: +46 8 7748261; E-mail: bjorn.kauppi@karobio.se