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[ccp4bb]: sc-to-GRASP question

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I have been trying to use the program "sc" to assign surface
complementarity S(A->B) values to some grasp surface files.  The sc
program appears to run fine, reading in the SURFIN1, SURFIN2 grasp files
and also writing SURFOUT1, SURFOUT2 files.  However, when I try to
read these altered surface files into GRASP, the program crashes with the
following message:

Enter file name >>sr_may29_A.sc_surf
 reading from file: ./sr_may29_A.sc_surf
 reading GRASP file, format type = two
         3706 vertices, 7408 triangles
 orignal midpoints= 17.47650 17.96000 13.66700
 greater than 4 megabytes allocated
 reading vertices
 reading Accessible Points..
 reading normals
 reading triangles
 reading potential
 reading curvatures start: end of file -1 apparent state: unit 20 named
.../sr_may29_A.sc_surf Unit 20 is a sequential unformatted external file 
*** Execution Terminated (-1) ***

I am using GRASP version 1.2. Any suggestions?!

Thanks in advance,