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[ccp4bb]: AMORE dimensions

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I have a question about variable dimensioning in AMORE.  The variables ROTING_MI
and ROTING_MC can easily be redimensioned by changing them in the default.def
file within CCP4.  However, two other variables, ROTING_MR and ROTING_MD cannot
be changes so easily.  As near as I can tell, these variables can only be
changed by editing the fortran source code.  Is there an underlying, unstated
caution related to changing these variable dimensions, or is the brief
explanation given within amore.f sufficiently explanatory at face value: "These
dimensions don't normally overflow".  I have a rather large cell and high
resolution data and the ROTING_MR variable dimension appears to be the culprit
for the following error messages:

dimss << insufficient memory for sphars MI,MR,MC, or MD too small
  Set:    800000    600000    800000     20000
Required: 608363    672539     11215       162
AMORE: Failure in s/r DIMSS

Any explanations are welcome.

Rick Walter