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[ccp4bb]: MAMA to DM

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Help, I'm in file conversion hell.

I've made a nice mask in MAMA and want to bring it into DM.
I wrote the mask from MAMA, converted it to CCP4 format
with MAPMAN and then try to use it with DM as my NCSIN1 mask file.
DM give me the following error message

  (Q)QOPEN allocated #  3
 User:   jeh                  Logical Name: NCSIN1
 Status: READONLY   Filename: /disk4/jeh/CCP4i_dimer/combo2.msk

 dm:   ncsmsksize - Mask file is not logical*1
 Times: User:       0.1s System:    0.0s Elapsed:    0:00

The weird thing is that a MAMA mask that goes through this
route to DM but is read in for solvent flattening works, no problemo.

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