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[ccp4bb]: disappeared crystal...

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  I'm sorry this is not a direct ccp4 question rather about
crystallization. I was setting up crystallization trials using
Ammonium sulfate screen (Hampton Research) for my protein 
(sitting drop method). After finishing the setup at room 
temperature, I sealed the plate with adhesive tape after
(~) 15 minutes. Before putting the plates at low temp. I just
scaned the plate under microscope. I saw big crystals in two
wells (within 20 min). When I fixed the camera and ready to 
take a snap of the crystal I could not see anything in the same 
well, all crystal disappeared suddenly. The dish was always at 
room temperature and everthing happened within 30 to 45 minutes.

  Now I have following questions.

  1) Is somebody have experience like this ?

  2) I tried to set the same condition again but, I could not
     get any crystal? any suggestions ?

  3) Any literature or paper regarding this type of problem?

  4) or it is just a salt crystal ? :(

Any comments or suggestion are highly appreicated. 



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