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[ccp4bb]: map displacement continued......

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Dear All 

I use refmac to refine my structure under ccp4 v4.0.1 and output the CCP4
maps for use with O. I can display these maps correctly when using the O
fast map commands however when I use fm_rsr_group I get a segmentation error
resulting in a core dump.

I run these maps through es_mappage to generate an O style map, however when
I display these using the map_file command etc the maps are displaced away
from the model.

I've also had problems generating xtalview maps.

Can anybody suggest a solution. All previous suggestions have been tried. 
Solutions will be posted as soon as I've found one that works.

Please Please Please someone help.

Mike Donovan,
Liverpool John Moores University,
Biophysics Department,
Max Perutz Building,
Byrom Street,
L3 3AF

t/phone: 0151-231-2370