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[ccp4bb]: Abnormal residues in procheck

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Apologies if this has been asked/explained before:

Procheck doesn't seem to like my abnormal residues. This is quite a
problem for me since the peptide I'm working on only has 3 non-glycine, 
non-proline residues (out of 16)! It has 1 Gly and 1 Pro, but all the rest
are not in the "Top 20" hit parade. They are Aib, Iva, Hyp and Phe-OH
(terminal alcohol).

Is there any way of telling procheck what these residues are so that it
can deal with them reliably? I'm worried that some of the stats/graphs
will be misleading.

When I run procheck I only get 1 error message about an unknown atom type,
but there could be more wrong than I can see, couldn't there?

Thanks for any help/advice!


Toby Galbraith 
Birkbeck College, London
email: t.galbraith@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk