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Re: [ccp4bb]: CCP4 and Linux

Hello Alex,

As Miguel says you should have Tcl/Tk/BLT already installed by Redhat. 
The one problem is that the standard tcl/tk installation does not allow
interprocess communication so if you use ccp4i it will not report the
status of running jobs (basically they are reported as STARTING and
never FINISHED).  The main process also does not get told about some of
the temporary output files.

An alternative solution would be to use the pre-release version of ccp4i
which no longer uses the send mechanism for inter-process communication
so the tcl/tk that you have with RedHAt should be OK.  This version is
being used routinely in York but probably is not quite as reliable as
the full release version yet.

You can get it at ftp://ysbl.york.ac.uk/pub/ccp4i/ccp4i_122.tar.gz