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Re: [ccp4bb]: Jumping between refinement programs..

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>  --I was using the same r-free set in _CNS_, but not in ARP, since
> thought it woudln't really matter there since i am only using it to
> add some waters --  it woudl have been best to convert the CNS file
> to mtz with Rree-flag and all. But i am not sure i understand why
> there would be this effect of lowered R-free, as i am using the same
> R-free-set in CNS beofre and after going to ARP???

CNS is making a better (well, different) bulk solvent scaling than refmac.
That will result to lower R/Rfree in the first cycle, typically 1-2 % lower for any
that comes from refmac (well, in most cases).

Lots of people love that lower Rfree .. especially if it lowers Rfree from 31% down
to 29% ;-)

No clue however why it goes up afterwards - you mentioned playing with NCS,
I would somehow guess that different 'type' of NCS treatment in protin vs cns
makes some difference ?

try refmac5 - it has all the benefits of lower Rfree (better bulk solvent corr)
plus a few more extras for free !