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[ccp4bb]: error message in truncate

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> I get an error message when running truncate
> >>>> CCIF signal CCIF_FOPEN (severity: SEVERE ERROR/FATAL) <<<<
>         (Raised in ccif_mapfile)
> Cannot open file
> /hosts/boags/big_disk/local/ccp4_40/lib/data/cif_mmdic.lib for reading!
> How can I fix the problem. Thanks for your help, Galina.

This file is the (binary symbol table of the) mmCIF dictionary.
It should have been made in the original installation. You need
to check that it's there and with the correct permissions.

There was an error with "make realclean" which caused this file
to be deleted. You need to correct the Makefile  (see Problems Page)
and re-make it.

Also, it is ABI-dependent, so on IRIX if it was made o32 you can't
read it with an n32 program - but that usually gives a different error.

Though I hate to suggest this, you can avoid the whole thing
by using the NOHARVEST keyword in truncate. But that's not a Good Thing.




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