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[ccp4bb]: MIR

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Dear Mr:

I sent a mail about hand problems of heavy atom site , but I
still have another question about heavy atom site.

This derivative was  soaked by K2PtI6, and its spacegroup is P43212 or

I have found Pt's site by RSPS. I want to know if it is possible to find the sites 
of six iodines. 

This derivative have two pt's sites. They are relative to same origine.
I found them by RSPS harker mode and cross mode. I don't know how to 
determine hand problems as I have said in another mail. So I listed 8 sets
of solutions , they are:

1  x    y    z
2  x   -y    z
3  -x   y    z
4  -x  -y    z
5  -x  -y   -z
6  -x   y   -z
7  x   -y   -z
8  x    y   -z

They are all good fit with difference patterson map . I refine these sites with
P43212 and P41212 respectively by MLPHARE and 
obtain initial phases. I obtain 16 electric density map by these phases.
Regretly, none of them are of good quality and can distinguish solvent bountry. So 
I need help to solve hand problems, and in other hand I think, if I can find  the
six iodines sites, it maybe helpful to the quality of electric density map. 

Thank you very much!

Feng Dan