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[ccp4bb]: another way to get interface

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Dear King lau

  I think people mentioned possibilities for this a while back,

 there is also a script for CNS which Paul Adams wrote based on Lee and
Richards static accessibility algorithm - this outputs a PDB of only the
interface residues - also the residues in context flagged by boolean
values written into the B-factor column. And also the calculated area.
  in CNS version 0.9a this is called 'buried_surface.inp'

  you have to know a bit about CNS expressions for molecule selection
(there is an excellent guide to this in the documentation) and
you also need to run the generate.inp script first but it does a good job

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, King lau wrote:
> Dear all,
> Are there some software that can calculate the area of the interface between two subunits of a protein and give a list table of residues which have take part in the forming of the interface? 
> Thanks a lot!
> King lau
> liaojt@moon.ibp.ac.cn