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[ccp4bb]: Study Weekend

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Hi there,
		The topic of the CCP4 study weekend will be
Molecular Replacement and its relatives.

We have been fortunate in that the following are confirmed speakers
(in no particular order)
P Evans
M Rossman
K Cowtan
R Read
N Glycos
J Thornton
T Oldfield
T Perakkis
Yu Wai Chen
C Kissinger
A Murzin
Q Hao
J Navaza
E Dodson
L Tong

As you can see a galaxy of talent.

We have deliberately left some holes to be filled with any 'breaking'
results. So if you have or know anyone who has something new which could be
presented at the meeting please email Kevin (cowtan@ysbl.york. ac. uk) or
Jim (naismith@st-and.ac.uk). We hope to finalise the program by end of
middle of this month.

We hope to see you in York for what promises to be an exciting meeting.
Details of registration etc will be sent separately by CCP4. Please do not
email either of us, we know nothing!

Jim and Kevin