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[ccp4bb]: brief summary about translational NCS

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Many thanks to those who responded to the questions about
translational NCS. Because most answers have already been posted 
on CCP4BB directly, it's probably unnecessary to make a lengthy 
summary this time.

Bart Hazes answered the original questions perfectly - briefly it's
ok to use random selection. Others suggested to tweak crystals into
a smaller cell by using cryoprotectant (David Schuller, Clemens Vonrhein), 
heavy atoms (Sundar), or reducing humidity (Shekhar Mande). As a super       
bonus, the new crystal form often diffracted to much higher resolution.                              
Felix Vajdos suggested to use correlation coefficent rather than 
R-factor and to study into the contributions of the weak reflections on   
Thank you all very much,

Holly Jing