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Re: [ccp4bb]: Linux tape backup

My variant is:

Make an ISO image with Joliet and Rock Ridge extension by "mkisofs -r -J
-v" on the IRIX machine.
Burn the ISO image. I use a WinNT-PC and Adaptec easy CD creator to burn
the image, as I have no CD writer connected to the SGI's.  

The CD-R's can be read on PC's and IRIX, with no problems at all. I agree
however, that this is no nice solution for the large CCD datasets, even if

Manfred Baumstark

swatkins wrote:
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> I have had some success with CD-R's, by zipping everything on the Unix
> machines, and FTPing the files to a PC.  With a fast 40X CDROM, the
> process is relativly quick.  Files however have to be opened first on a
> PC then FTP'd back to the UNIX machines.  The advantage is that 50
> CD-R's are $30 US for 50, which means you can double up on everything.
> I woundered if anyone else was using something similar, as I have had no
> problems, but would like to hear if anyone else has tried this.
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