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Re: [ccp4bb]: Linux tape backup

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> I would be careful about these generalizations.  With CD-R, at least,
> there are widely varying reports of the reliability of various
> combinations of media types, burners, and readers. See for example:
> http://www.fadden.com/cdrfaq/faq07.html#[7-2]
> http://www.fadden.com/cdrfaq/faq07.html#[7-5]


> More on this issue here:
> http://www.macintouch.com/cdrfailure.html
> http://www.mscience.com/survey.html

Thanks! These are very interesting links, well worth
reading. I have to say I'm pretty skeptical however.
Although, I've been burning CD's for only a year,
the confocal microscopy lab accross campus has been archiving
large volumes of data that way since 1994 and never
had any problems with old CD's going bad or with
CD's reading on one machine but not another.
I've encouraged them to take a more extensive look at their
oldest CD's. Should be informative.