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[ccp4bb]: Printing diffraction images

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MOSFLM will produce a postscript file of the image, zoomed or
otherwise, with or without the prediction overlaid. Resolution circles
can be shown, although you will have to give the resolution limits as
part of the annotation. Its not locked up in anything.

         Andrew Leslie

To get the latest version of MOSFLM (6.10) with new autoindexing.

Both source and a selection of pre-built binaries are available. The
userguide has now been marked up in HTML, but a plain text version is
still available.

The program is on the anonymous ftp server:


1) ftp ftp.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
2) logon as user "anonymous" password <Your E-mail address>

directory /pub/mosflm/ver610 {build-it-yourself and documentation}
    "     /pub/mosflm/pre-built  {binaries}
directory /pub/mosflm/ver610 {build-it-yourself and documentation version 6.10}

If you want to read a bit about it first, have a look at