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[ccp4bb]: printing 2D pictures of ligand interactions

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Dear all

I want to have a program that can make nice 2D representations of protein
ligand interaction, preferably reasobly automatic - predicting hydrogen
bonds close contacts etc. - actually I'd like exactly what ligplot does.
Unfortunately ligplot is unavailable for companies (unless one buy the
complete biopendium package from inpharmatica (which is somewhat more
expensive than our company can afford))


  Mathias Färnegårdh Ph. D.
    Structure Biology 
    Karo Bio AB, Novum, S-141 57 HUDDINGE, SWEDEN
    Fax: +46 8 7748261, Voice: +46 8 6086099
    E.mail: mathias.farnegardh@karobio.se