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[ccp4bb]: crystal and AU packing analysis

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I wonder what alternatives there are when one wants to analyze crystal
packing surfaces (and surfaces within the AU).
I would like to know the total area of a molecule, the area involved in
packing to other molecules (in the AU and with symmetry related ones),
solvent content et c.

In CNS I could do this but it was very time consuming because I had to
generate a pdb containing my AU and all symmetry related neighbouring
molecules and analyze the possible packings one by one.

Do you have any suggestions ?

Oh, since I'm already bothering you, what program should I use to
analyze NCS related waters ?

Best wishes,


Stefan Backstrom
Umea University
s-901 87 Umea
email: stefan.backstrom@ucmp.umu.se
tel:	+46 907856794
fax:	+46 90778007