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Re: [ccp4bb]: Printing diffraction images

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dtdisplay in the d*TREK suite can display images and do what you want.
The File/Print... option puts out a PostScript file if you like, but
not TIFF.

Request a free demo version at http://www.msc.com

> Does anyone have a jiffy that reads in diffraction images (R-AXIS IV, 
> MAR, etc.) and converts them into TIFF, PostScript, etc. for 
> convenient printing? I am fed up with having to take a lousy screen 
> shot (that I have to manipulate even further, sigh) when I want to 
> show non-structural-biologists how their crystals diffract. Ideally, 

> such a jiffy would allow specifying the beam center, 
> wavelength 
>to draw resolution circles.


> Anyone else fed up as well, or am I just lazy (I know that I am)?