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Re: [ccp4bb]: linux compilation

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>>>>> "b" == bds  <bds@uic.edu> writes:

 b> get an error with procheck during secondary structure assignment:
 b> malloc(1073797362) failure in s_cat

 b> CCP4 seems to be working well otherwise.  Any other tests that I
 b> should make to see if I've compiled it correctly on my linux box?
 b> [Dell Precision 420 Pentium III dual processor with RedHat 7.0]
 b> THX.

The compiler in use would be the relevant information.  If it's f2c or
g77 -- and probably even if it isn't -- that message comes from the
runtime library routine which implements string concatenation (`//'),
asked to allocate a silly amount of memory.

I'd guess this is due to a programming bug, possibly using an
uninitialized string variable, inconsistent subprogram arguments, or a
consequence of something getting overwritten after array bounds
violation or similar.  It would need debugging with gdb.