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[ccp4bb]: Linux-PC performance and xtallography

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Sorry that this is a reoccurring question, but I didn't find any recent
posting regarding exactly this.

I am currently running things on an O2 (sloooow). For the calculations I
intend to buy a PC(linux), to with the O2 screen. The program packages I
like to run on it are primarly CNS and CCP4.

Are there any views on price/performance optimum regarding speed & memory?
I.e is there any practical use in going >600MHz >256M ? (The hard disk
will be filled regardless of size so 20-30Gb should do). I will be the sole

Can a linuxPC run parallell tasks (ie with 1000MHz, 500M)? A
multi-processor PC is probably overdoing things, even if there were the

Thank you for any comments,

Kaj Stenberg, Ph. D
Department of Biosciences            tel. +358-9-191 59682
Division of Biochemistry             fax +358-9-191 59068
P. O. Box 56, Viikinkaari 5          e-mail: kstenber@helsinki.fi
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki     http://www.helsinki.fi/~kstenber/

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