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Re: [ccp4bb]: CNS on ALPHA-PC clone?

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"Jürgen J. Müller" wrote:
> Dear all,
> sorry, the question is not related to CCP4 but the XPLOR-newsgroup is
> very slowly working.
> Has anybody installed CNS on an ALPHA-PC clone (2 processors) under
> Linux Red Hat 6.2 or 7.0? The g77 compiler cannot be used (see
> CNS-handbook). Which one works well and fast?
> Thanks,
> Jürgen J. Müller
> --
> ned!

According to http://www5.compaq.com/fortran/ , the Compaq (formerly DEC)
Fortran compiler for Alpha/Linux is free for Enthusiasts and Education .
This compiler is supposed to be both fast and good.

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