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Re: [ccp4bb]: stuck R and arp and refmac problems

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> Somebody suggested using arp/warp to generate a super map but the refmac
> step
> seems to get stuck with the following error
>  Refmac_4.0.6:   *** Error in GAUSSJ - called from SCALING ***
> Seems to be a bulk solvent scaling error, but I don't know how to fix it.

This usually means that no atoms were read in refmac.
If you look a few lines up you will see that 0 atoms were read in. 
That, in turn, means that 'reshuffle' which prepares you input
pdb file for warpNtrace produced an error (look at
My guess for that is that you PDB had no proper CRYST/SCALE cards.

> One more question, the molrep option in arp/warp requires a .brk file and
> a protin output file. How could these be generated?

...brk is a normal pdb file (from pdb at BRooKhaven days).
(?? for warpNtrace from a model you also needed a .brk file ...!)
As for protin, it is INput that is needed.
A bit of RTFM or look at the example file distributed 
with arp/warp can help.