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Re: [ccp4bb]: How to generate postcript files...

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> If this is not possible what is the best way to submit rgb files to
> publication??

The preferred format(s) is(are) in most cases explicitely
mentioned in the instructions for authors.

Most journals will like TIFF and EPS.

On a related issue:

If a journal requests 400 dpi (dots per inch) pictures 
and you plan the reproduction (print) size to be 
i.e. 8x4 inches, that means that you need 3200 dots
on x and 1600 dots (pixels) on y. 
i.e. if you make an RGB, or TIFF
file make sure it is 3200x1600 pixels in the first place.
Importing a standard 'render' output of 1200x1200 pixels
and then 'set resolution to 400 dpi' in photoshop 
is not nearly a cure for good quality pictures ...

..... and, talkign about photoshop : 
Do not forget that TheGimp is out there !