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RE: [ccp4bb]: Mail & Mime (was attachments)

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As I mentioned to Phil in an earlier private message, people use these
charsets because apart from sending emails the CCP4bb they also want to
occasionally communicate with people in their native tongue. Obviously, when
writing in English no "aberrant" characters are used and receivers wouldn't
notice this if they use mailers that do not complain like XEmacs apparently
does! There are plenty good mailers available. International CCP4 users
shouldn't have to reset their mailers for an occasional email to a BB, while
of course sending in plain text is always a good idea. If subscribers to the
BB want to skip these mails, its of course up to them. You cannot preselect
specific topics either...


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I do not see why I should have to fiddle around with my mailer to add
an ever-increasing list of bizarre apparent cahracter sets. these
messages flagged as eg "big5" are actually in perfectly ordinary ascii
as far as I can see. Surely this is the reponsibility of the mail
sender? Messages to public bulletin boards should be in plain text

As far as I'm concerned unreadable messages won't get read

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