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Re: [ccp4bb]: Cryo/Oil Summary

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Panjelly is semisolid at room temperature and it will  dry out if it is
kept at 4 degrees. If you want to use it at room temperature, you must
liquify it in such a way that it still contains small solid particles. 
These are helpful in absorbing water (mother liquor) from the 
crystal surface. Which is sometime not easy to do with oil alone.
Success when using Panjelly mainly depends  on the proper crystal
handling. If you make a mistake in crystal handling steps, it is for
sure that you won't get a good result even with lysozyme.

Crystal handling for  crystals  grown at 4 degrees requires variations of
the procedure.

We have worked with 15 different challenging protein crystals (none of
them is like lyzozyme or thaumatin) which are grown at different
temperatures and under widely different crystallisation conditions, in all
cases (except FXIII) we observed improved resolution. Moreover, we had
success with a few very poorly diffracting crystals. 

If anyone is interested to know more details (about this non-aqeuous
cryoprotectant and its use for cryo-cooling crystal), contact me through
private email. 


Santosh Panjikar                          panjikar@imb-jena.de
Institut fuer Molekulare Biotechnologie
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